Set up and manage access requests

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Change access requests settings

Approve or decline access requests for a SharePoint Online site

Manage invitations to external users (SharePoint Online only)

PowerShell to lookup using Correlation ID

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Add-PSSnapin “Microsoft.sharepoint.powershell”

$Guid = “0dc8b89e-d33d-805d-6ab4-fe0ad3cc5213”

get-splogevent | ?{$_.Correlation -eq $Guid} | select Area, Category, Level, EventID, Message | Format-List > “C:\Guid.log”

Gives you a user friendly file you can read

site collection usage

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Use this script to get Spsite collection total data usage:

$site = get-spsite “http://spsitecollection

$site.Usage.Storage (/1GB , /1TB / , /1MB)


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Following is your solution to safe your day:

Go to application pool of Central Administration.

Right click on it and go to Advanced Settings

In the Process Model section, increase the shutdown time limit to 200 or more

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Restart IIS now.