Great SharePoint linke to share

Just found some great end-user solution website, I want to share with you

. provide bit source of javascript builder user managed toolkit jQuery source site

There are lots of the other sources on the web.

Error “This page is not using a valid pagelayout.”

This is a problem happed when you specially have upgraded from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010

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The problem is the page cannot be opened and we cannot change the layout. So here is solution.

Go to the site/page where the problem appear, in the link bar add this link /_layouts/viewlsts.asp after site link

Click on site actions – site settings – Page layout and site templates – Make sure the page layout is here
. Just in case everything fine here, click Ok

Now let’s change the page layout:

  • Go to Site Content and Structure
  • Find the Pages library
  • Find the Pages
  • View Properties of the page
  • Edit item
  • Choose a valid page layout
  • OK

The problem should be solved.

Change multiple line columns to single line of text

Do you want to change multiple lines of text to single line of text? When we go to list settings under section column, we find the column we want to change

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Click on the column name “Company” , change it into plan text and save.

Now click the column again and this time change it to Single line of text and save.

Now you have changed from “Multiple lines of text” to “Single line of text”.

Datasheet view problem in SharePoint

Are you having problem with datasheet view in SharePoint?

You get following message when you choose to open a list in datasheet view?

Here is the solution

. Go to this link and download the “2007 Office System Driver: Data Connectivity Components and install.

After installation the problem is solved

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