I started my It-career with Microsoft SharePoint 2007 in 2007. After being a SharePoint developer for some years, I decided to work with Microsoft CRM which somehow ended up with a SharePoint Trainer.

At the time I am a trainer and doing SharePoint courses, seminar and consultancy at KnowledgeGroup in Oslo, Norway

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. I have done courses/consultancy/seminar for big companies and also held seminar for Microsoft.

I did Computer Engineering from NITH (Norwegian IT-university) and finished my first
year master degree from UIO (University of Oslo) which I never finished because
of the job offer through Microsoft University 2007

By clicking on this link “Click here” you can see my transcript from Microsoft. You can also¬†see my transcript at this link “Click here” using Transcripts ID: 880120 and password riz45riz. From Microsoft I have got these titles:

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