Exclude list or library from appearing in SharePoint Search results

Did some research on net and found some JavaScript and kid of .net code to exclude some lists and libraries from search
. Even I also found some articles where people are using Central administration and make some rules and exclusion policies. Well that can we do if we have plenty time to play with SharePoint
. It’s just dream to have fun time working with SharePointJ

Here is the solution: Go to the list or library –> Settings –> List Settings –> Advanced Settings –> Search

Search from Windows 7 in SharePoint 2010

One great feature in SharePoint standard and enterprise edition for search is Windows 7 search. The function gives ability to search from Windows 7 in SharePoint 2010. Often we want to search for something and we know that the content is in SharePoint. The classic way is to go to SharePoint and search for from the right place. That takes much time and users often just get focus on other things during this process. In this article I will show how to use the Windows 7 to search in SharePoint. Continue reading