Free SharePoint 2013 training for IT pros

Find IT pro-focused how-to training and walkthrough videos with this interactive course about SharePoint 2013 including changes and new features for search, social, plus deployment and performance/scalability

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Have fun and enjoy SP2013:)


Request a script from Script Center

Sometimes people have very strange request. Recently I read an article where a person wanted to get contact with a bank who can order $2 bills in serial order.  Working with SharePoint either you doesn’t have that much money or that kind of requests
. But for IT-pro Microsoft has a bank where you can send your request for various scripts and anyone can help you with your script

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Impersonation Step in SharePoint Designer 2010

While using Workflows in SharePoint designer 2010, I wonder what an Impersonation step does. Impersonation Steps are placed in the workflow in the same way that we would use regular steps. They have conditions and actions within, just the same. But the difference is the actions within the Impersonation steps will run as if it were the identity of the user who authored the workflow.

That means: Using this feature gives the users of the workflow rights they wouldn’t normally have. They may be able to obtain list items actions to a list they don’t have rights to.

Some action in SharePoint designer just runs under the elevated privileges of the Impersonation Step. For example “Check list item permission levels” and “Check list item permissions”.

Scenario 1: You have 2 lists

. User adds some information in list A and you want WF to create/update some list items in list B without using user’s permission to list B
. If user doesn’t have permission to list B, the workflow will fail
. By using Impersonation steps you can solve this issue
. Workflow will add information in list B even user don’t have access.

Senario 2: You want to remove permission to an item or a document when these are created automaticly. Using the impersonation steps we can add an action called “Remove list item permission” and “Replace list item permission”

Approval Workflow not rejects the process

While creating a Workflow “Start approval process” from the SharePoint Designer I got some major error where the Workflow don’t reject the reply from the users and just jump further to the next step. Isn’t that some wrong, while I am using if-else branch where I want workflow to find out either the threat is approved or not
. If not do something and if reject don’t do anything. In my scenario it will not hit the Reject process cos to reject is not activated. In my post I will show how to set the Workflow to be trigger for the reject process too.

Add workflow “Start approval process” in SharePoint designer

Add action “Set workflow variables”.

Choose CancelonRejection to Yes

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Now the approval workflow makes sense.